Rimfire Kit #2: Whitetail Doe and Rut-Crazy Buck

Woodland Target

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Remember sitting in your deer stand, watching all those does, and waiting for Mr.Big to show? Woodland Rimfire's Kit #2 is inspired by that moment when you no longer feel cold and your heart starts to pound.

This is a high quality super-portable reactive steel target designed to be set up anywhere safe to shoot and to be used with .22lr only.

Buck Dimensions: 11.5" tall, 21.0" wide. Vital scoring diameter = 2.5"

Doe Dimensions: 15.1" tall, 10.4" wide. Vital scoring diameter = 2.5"


The scoring paddles are calibrated for use with standard velocity .22lr ammunition, and when shot will flip to the other side of the target. No need to walk downrange to re-set! Simply shoot again to flip the paddle back to it's original position.

Targets will ship unpainted; complete with paddles, all paddle mounting hardware, and four detachable stand pieces (two for each target).